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Shopping tours

   Marrakesh is one of the world's most exciting cities to visit. Whether shopping for souvenirs and bargains in the Souks or looking for wholesale suppliers, Marrakesh will provide a unique and exciting experience.The main Souk is divided into sections for different crafts and even a GPS would not be of much help. Having a local guide with you is the best way to find your way around and see the hidden treasures that lie in some shops, away from the main streets. Your guide will also help you find good deals, bargain for you, and when possible, take you to the workshops for a first-hand encounter with the craftsmen and for better deals.



 Local goods include:





Fine silk fabrics




Arab and Berber rugs and carpets

moroccan carpet


Brass and copperware household wares

copper ware

Moroccan and European antiques

moroccan antics

Leather shoes and bags


Wrought iron lamps and lanterns


Silver jewelry

silver jewelry