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Moroccan weddings

What destination could be more exotic for a romantic wedding than Marrakesh? we can help you attend a Moroccan wedding as a guest and enjoy the night long festivities and sample the dozens of dishes served. Or we can arrange a wedding where you are the hero. A traditional Moroccan wedding is typically an event that lasts a few days - but all the traditional elements can be combined into a celebration over a couple of days. They are colorful, vibrant events with yellows (meant to scare away evil) and green (to bring good luck). The wedding ritual also includes temporary henna tattoos on your hands and feet. The bride-to-be's tattoos are more intricate than other female guests and the groom's initials are incorporated into the design - and is traditionally hidden for the bride to find. The bride also purifies herself before the big day by having massages and milk baths in a traditional hammam (spa).

moroccan wedding      moroccan wedding

 At the ceremony, the bride is held aloft in front of friends and family and then placed into the arms of her groom, signaling the end of the ceremony. The couple then depart in a shower of figs and raisins. Fish and chicken - which are ancient symbols of fertility - are often served at the wedding, together with meat tagines (a stew mixed with almonds, apricots, onions and spices) and lots of mint tea and Moroccan sweets and pastries. All the venues that we have selected (including those in the medina) have alcohol licenses.

   You let us know what kind of party you are looking for and we take care of the rest. Our aim is to exceed your expectations. We see each new event as an opportunity to better ourselves at what we do best and guarantee you full satisfaction, We take care of airport pickup, Hotel booking, catering, and all the details that would make your party here an unforgettable experience.

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