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Our tour was such an eye-opening experience.Thank you Hamza for sharing all your knowledge with us

Jesse T, Los Angeles

We got lost trying to tour the city on our own.Hiring a guide was a smart move.Our guide was very courteous and made us feel at home,especially that we were 3 ladies traveling alone in an Islamic country.Can't recommend him enough.

Natalie G. Flowers

I was in Marrakesh in February 2015 and I had gotten Hamza's email from a friend.It was the best tour I ever had.We covered most of the monuments in about 6 hours and it felt like a local by the end of the tour .In addition to the historical sites Hamza was keen on explaining all the cultural points which I wouldn't even thought to ask about.He took me to a public oven,a hammam,and a place where I saw a tangia being cooked.He was patient and extremely knowledgeable about the history and culture of his city and country and very generous in sharing them with me.I liked him so much that I have recommended him to 3 families so far and the feedback is as good as ever.I would very much hire him if I go back again and I am sure I will learn so much this time too.

Steve Donlan,Kansas

Greetings Hamza : The short time I spent in Marrakesh was one of the most memorable places we visited on our one year tour thanks to you. We have given the carpet we shipped home an honorable place in our bedroom. I step on it every night and every morning and think of the sweet time we spent together in the medina. Best wishes to you and your family. Regards

Mike Dufloth,Cohasset,California

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