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Marrakech cultural tours

 The best way to discover Marrakesh is to divide it into 3 sections:

The Jewish Quarter and the Qasbah:

 The Mellah,or the jewish quarter is the area where the Jews were invited to live from the 16th century until their massive migration in the 1940s.A 5 minute walk inside the Mellah will lead us to the 500 year old synagogue. Nearby is the Bahia palace which was built by a wealthy vizier in 1900s.The Dar Tiskiwin Museum owned by the Dutch anthropologist Bert Flint is only 5 minutes away and is a great place to travel in time and space and walk on the footsteps of the owner during his trips to Mali and discover the amazing collection of African art that the museum hosts. Once we finish with the Jewish quarter, we head to the Qasbah,or fortified neighborhood, built in the 14th century and home to the servants of Moroccan kings throughout history. There are two beautiful monuments worth visiting: The Badii Palace which was built in the 16th century by the most famous king of the Saadian dynasty, Ahmed Al-Mansour Addahbi and later on sacked by the rival Alaouite ruler Moulay Ismail. The Saadian Tombs is an amazing burial grounds where the Saadian royal family members were buried following the early 17th century plague.

jewish     synagogue


The new city: 

 Gueliz is the name used by the locals to refer to the new section of the city built by the French in 1912.The name is derived from the French word Eglise meaning church. It is in this part of the city that the Majorelle Garden lies and it is a must- see for anybody who loves plants and flowers.

marrakech      new marrakech


The Souks:

In addition to the 2000 shops which make up the Souks, there are some amazing architectural treasures to be discovered. The oldest building in the city is called The Almoravids Qubba and can still be visited. Next is the Marrakesh Museum, a former residence of the Moroccan defense minister in the 19th century and is home to a private collection of Moroccan artifacts. The 3rd and most beautiful monument is the Medersa Ben Youssef, erected in the 14th century and completely renovated in the 16th century. It is the largest and most beautiful example of Moroccan Medersas or theological schools.

marrakech souks     souks