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Cooking courses

Whether you are an amateur cook, or an experienced chef looking for inspiration, we offer you special cooking courses. The classes start with shopping for ingredients with the locals and then meeting Lalla Khadija, the host family mother who used to be the private cook of a wealthy family in Marrakesh. in Half a day, you will learn so much about the art of Moroccan cuisine and also learn how to make a starter and a main dish or a main dish and a dessert. You will be able to communicate with the chef and ask her about anything since there is always a translator to assist you. Once you finish, you will share what you have prepared with the host family and have some Moroccan mint tea and pastries.

cooking courses   cooking courses

This cooking class will also be a chance to learn about the world famous Moroccan spices, in addition to the rare Argan oil used both for cosmetics and cooking.

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